Living together with a Nekomimi


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Kin no Hiyoko / Michi


Michi: This is a fun and also a little bittersweet story. Thank you for reading it! Kin no hiyoko: I enjoyed drawing it! Please read it :)



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Yusuke is an otaku and a university student who lives in an apartment by himself. One morning, he picks up an old lamp at trash area, and meets “Jinn-san” who calls himself the spirit of the lamp. Jinn-san says he is going to grant three wishes for Yusuke in return for picking up the lamp. Although in doubt, Yusuke shouts “I want to live together with a pretty Nekomimi girl!” And there appears a pretty Nekomimi girl just as Yusuke has dreamed of. The girl calls herself Meruru. Thus he starts living together with the pretty Nekomimi girl. She has the same name as the cat he used to have when he was in junior high school living with his family. Is that just a coincidence, or…?


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